We have one criterion; your business model must have a positive impact on Planet, People, and Prosperity.

Create it

Make it your most net-positive impact.

By innovating your business model. Since we believe the true purpose of a company is to enable people to achieve their goals in life and work and be awarded their business in return, we use those two distinctions:

1. business models for life, and
2. business models for work. 
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For Life.

We don’t think in terms of B2C or B2B but in terms of life and work. New business models for life contribute to the well-being of people in their lives. Tremendous opportunities exist to better the conditions of those in developing and developed countries.
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For Work.

Workforces around the globe face daunting challenges. Maybe you are the one who has the brilliant idea that allows millions to work smarter or provide a model that re-engages those left behind professionally.
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For Experiments.

Maybe your idea is still a vague vision that you cannot describe yet. That’s where experiential design comes in. We help you envision and articulate that opaque and blurred image in your soul and mind.
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